nerdiest tattoos

Some people just love pimping out their body to show off their nerdiness. The uncanny geeks have found an explicit way to express their passion - getting inked with the nerdiest tattoos ever. Be it the Apple logo, or Microsoft windows, they wanna get them all skinned into them. Those who’re petrified getting under the needle may just enjoy watching the awesome tattoos listed below and admire the guts of these geeks.

apple lower back tattoo

apple shoulder back tattoo

apple tattoo

apple wrist tattoo

blackberry tattoo

dell tattoo

geek tattoo

geek tattoo 03

geeky tattoo

google tattoo

microsoft windows tattoo

nerdiest tattoos

pac man tattoo

pixelated dog tattoo

ryans blackberry curve tattoo

usb tattoo

calculator tattoo

blogging tattoo n coding tattoo

born geek tattoo

keyboard tattoo

power and circuitry tattoo

hexadecimal code tattoo

vmware tattoo

html tattoo

firefox tattoo

podcast tattoo

nintendo wii tattoo

apple macintosh tattoo

bar code tattoo

volume controller tattoo

adobe fan logo tattoo