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งานประดิษฐ์ ฝาขวด Creative Bottle Cap

This is what I called creative. How the hell they can create suck a nice recycle bottle cap. Of course I still pop with my mouth open with such a beutiful idea. If you think this is nice, scroll down to see the others, every single one are very creative.

You can recycled your soft drink bottle cap too and become an earring. Not too sure the lady will wear it. 

Even the Coke bottle cap can be done into bottle cap bracelet. It may look funny to wear it, but the idea to create such a beautiful piece is an art.

Coke bottle cap necklace. We should be more creative of thinking how to recycle our used product. Maybe we can make wallet out of it, so that I can used. Quite cool to have a bottle cap wallet huh… or maybe not.

In a glance, we can’t really notice it’s make of bottle cap. So people out there, do you find any creative idea to recycling your beer bottle?