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What may appear like trash to most of us is a beautiful treasure to folks at Kat Welding and Fabrication. This Ohio-based company is renowned to transform scrap metal into spectacular beauties. They craft intricately designed beautiful sculptures from nothing but waste metal. You can see everything from planes to bikes to sailboats to butterflies in this unique collection.

The artist

Kat Welding and Fabrication is the company, which creates this magnificent works of art from scrap metal. They are experts in the field of plasma cutting, welding, designing and fabricating on a vast variety of metals. The artists initially ventured into creating these artworks as a hobby almost fifteen years back. Now it is has developed into an eco-friendly business, driven and motivated by the vision of their customers.

The Inspiration

The waste material, or the scrap metal itself acts as the inspiration for these artists. The folks at Kat Welding And Fabrication are also passionate about their craft of plasma cutting, welding, designing, and which acts as the additional motivating force.

The material

The admirable works of art are created from scrap metal, diverting them from landfills. This initiative saves the environment from unwanted waste and gives new life to things that are considered waste.

The artwork

Recycled by Kat Welding and Fabrication, these stunning masterpieces here are a refletion of creativity and eco-consciousness. The designers give a meaningful and responsible transformation to metal scrap by converting it into exquisite artworks. Some of the beautiful works of art created by this company includes the Sailboat, the Horseshoe Butterfly and Horseshoe Wine Rack, all crafted from scrap metal. The F-15 Fighter Plane, is another unique sculpture and a great amount of time and hard work have been spent to ensure perfect detailing. It is a befitting tribute to one of the best fighter planes designed in the world. One can also opt for the Fighting Crabs piece, which is again a very interesting piece designed from scrap metal. There are also others in the collection, like the Horseshoe Fisherman and the Chopper Motorcycle sculpture, both of which are made up of pieces of recycled scrap metal.

Green aspects

First and foremost the artwork is absolutely exquisite and of great decorative value. Other important qualities include the fact that they have been created out of recycled metal and so they are environment-friendly. The artworks also help to prolong the life of the scrap metal, which we consider as waste and of no use to us. These artworks inspire us to look towards sustainable practices like recycling.

Scrap Metal Art Picture Gallery

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