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ไอเดีย.. เก้าอี้เก่าแต่งสวนหย่อม

Turn your old chair into a garden treasure (via seattletimes)

A lot of things can become a planter stand in your garden. For example, an old chair that you can get on a garage sale. It would easily become a lavish garden centerpiece especially if you paint it into some bright color that pops. You can fill it with annuals, herbs or any other plants you like. Turn several chairs into plant stands and your garden would become really unique and interesting place to visit. We’ve gathered for you several tutorials showing how to make these stands work.

A Succulent Old Chair For A Garden (via flatcreekfarm)

Old vintage wicker turned into a planter (via flickr)

DIY Old Chair Garden (via blog)

Old Chair Turned Into Garden Shelf (via trashtotreasuredecorating)

ที่มา http://www.shelterness.com/5-ideas-to-transform-old-chairs-into-beautiful-mini-gardens/