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น้ำท่วมคอนโด กับความรับผิดชอบของนิติบุคคลอาคารชุด (English)

Condo Association Responsibility for Floods

Floods are known for causing catastrophic loses in residential areas across the U.S. Floods can be caused by rising rivers, hurricanes and excessive rainfall. State statutes, such as Florida Statue 718, outline who is responsible for flood damage within a condominium association.

Common Property

The condominium association is responsible for all common areas throughout the complex. This includes the entrance, fences, landscaping, parking area and walkways. If there is clubhouse, the association is responsible for any flood damage to the exterior and exterior of that building.

Building's Exterior 

The condominium association is responsible for any of the building's common walls and structures. Common walls include the exterior of the building, hallways, roof and stairwells. The association is also responsible for any load bearing walls, even if they are located inside a unit. If a resident places items, such as decorations or satellite television units, on exterior walls and they get damaged it is not the associations responsibility.


It is the responsibility of the condominium association to carry flood insurance for all common area and the building's exterior. Should a flood damage these areas, it is the responsibility of the association that submits claims to ensure completion of all repairs. Each unit owner can make a list of things they see need to be fixed and give to the association, which will then turn over to the insurance company.

Unit Owner

It is the unit owner's responsibility to carry insurance for everything the condominium association does not cover. If insurance is not carried it is the unit owners responsibility to replace items inside the unit at his own expense. Unit owners are responsible for floor coverings, electrical fixtures, appliances, built in cabinets and ceiling and wall finishings. The unit owner is also responsible for his own belongings that may get damaged in his unit.


Floods can cause damage to both your home and belongings.

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