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แนวทางการบริหารจัดการนิติบุคคลอาคารชุด How to Manage a Condominium Juristic Person.

        A condominium board of directors may hire a general manager to oversee operations of the condominium association's investment. The manager may hire employees or contractors to supervise daily operations, such as administration, security, janitorial services and grounds maintenance to make sure facilities are meeting quality standards. Professional property managers who oversee condominiums are expected to be proficient in insurance regulations, financial matters, state and local laws, and communications. Condominium managers must be licensed real estate brokers in some states and certified property managers in all states.



How to Manage a Condominium Juristic Person / Association.


Prepare a welcome packet for new members of the association. Include information about operations, rules and regulations.


Maintain documents on behalf of the association. These include contracts, meeting minutes and financial reports.


Attend all membership and board meetings, and prepare and distribute a monthly financial report to the association.


Help association members meet all condominium bylaws and regulations. Implement and monitor the association's rules and regulations.


Distribute notices, newsletters and other communication to the association members on behalf of the board. Maintain a current roaster of association members and their contact information.


Review and manage insurance policies. Coordinate and prepare annual government reports to enforce building code standards.


Tips & Warnings

  • The Community Associations Institute and the Institute for Real Estate Management are among several organizations that support condominium managers.
  • A condominium manager with years of experience and continuing education may receive recognition from the Certified Manager of Community Associations program or the Professional Community Association Manager, the highest certifiable recognition.
  • Before signing a contract to manage any property, be certain that the building owner has realistic income expectations.