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BANGKOK Low Rise Residential Market

Tropical Living Magazine for Sept 2010 issue

   Low Rise Residential Market

With normal life returning to Bangkokians after the red shirt rally in April and May of this year, the residential market appears to have recovered rapidly during June, when most home-buyers regained confidence.

Samma Kitasin, director general of the Real Estate Information Centre says “There will be 40,000 units of new low rise residences entering the market, with another 60,000 high rise units launching this year, totalling 100,000 units. For the first six months of 2010, approximately 22,300 units of low rise residences are already available, compared to only 23,100 units of launched high rise residences. The figures indicate that the new supply of low rise is expected to meet their objective,whereas there will be some condominium projects that will be postponed to the  year 2011.”