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โลโก้ใหม่ IE9 การปรับโฉม


IE7/8 logo
IE7/8 logo
IE9 logo
IE9 logo


The Internet Explorer Logo – 15 Years and Counting

In August, Internet Explorer celebrated its 15th anniversary. IE has been around since the early years of the consumer browser. At that time, the Internet meant a lot of things to a lot of people. Whether the online world was scary to you or was the coolest thing you’d ever seen, one thing was clear, the world was coming to you (and everyone else around the world) in ways you had never imagined. Content you never had access to became available on your PC, and it was only going to get bigger and better.

From the start, Microsoft chose the World to symbolize our browser, a metaphor for possibility and connection. And it is called the World Wide Web, after all. An early logo design consisted of the Windows symbol (circa Windows 95) and a circle representing a globe. In time, an orbiter was introduced, to represent speed and exploration.


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